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Dwyn Y. Turner has over 50 years of dance experience. Her dance education began at the age of 2. She attended Foster, Melba DeSalle, Leila Haller, and New Orleans Dance Academy. She is a graduate of the prestigious Durden School of Dance. She was a principal dancer at Southern University and a member of the Tulane Green Wave dance team. She was recipient of the Durden School of Dance scholarship to New York and a dance instructor at Xavier University’s Upward Bound Program and Community Kids Dance Troupe. Madame Dwyn is a graduate of Southern University of Baton Rouge and a licensed guidance counselor.


Wendy Turner Steib began dancing at the age of 9 months and has been performing on stage over 48 years. She is a graduate of the world renowned New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) and Community Kids Dance Troupe. Madame Wendy is a former member of the LSU Folk Ensemble, LSU Modern Dance Team, and a principal dancer for the Southern University Jazz Ensemble. She was granted a summer dance fellowship to Tulane University and served as a dance instructor at Xavier University’s Upward Bound Program. Her dance travels have taken her from New York to Orlando, Florida. She holds a degree in Manual Communication and is an Interpreter for the Deaf.



Jerome A. Steib                                                                                Finance/Business Manager


Gwendolyn “MeMe” Turner and Renee Kelly                            Dance/Recital Consultant


Dwyn Turner and Roshonda Peters                                             Office Assistant


Kynisha Christmas and Chelsi Martin                                         Assistants


Alexis Novel, Dwyn Steib and Destiny White                             Assistant Choreographers


Lauren Coleman, Roshonda Peters, and Jayde Platenburg    Graduate Assistants 


Myrran Riley Jourdan Rogers and Dwana Smothers               Graduate Assistants 


Destiny Brown, Lacey Jackson, and Skye Lafayette                  Graduate Candidates 


Dennae Pam, Chloe Thomas, and  Jordyn Wilson                     Gradutate Candidates 


Carsyn Caldwell and Patrica Petty                                                 MDSD Jr. Staff                      


Jaia Yates                                                                                            Attendance Clerk 


Kynisha Christmas and Tracie Ellsworth                                     Stage Directors


Melvin Benoit and Aloyce Novel                                                    Crossing Guards 


Class of 2010 

Reneé Kelly 


Class of 2011

Taylor Parker 

Dwyn Steib 

Class of 2017 

Raquel Bell 

Roshonda Peters 

Cydney Skidmore 

Paige Wilson


Class of 2012

Jordan Alexander 

Eunique Temple 

Dana Winfield 


Class of 2013

Bijon Belisle 

Kalin Chinn

Jayde Platenburg 




Class of 2018 

Courtney Britton

Lauren Coleman 

Jardyn Daniel

Chanel Hendricks 

Aalaila Jenkins

Ally Novel 

Ashly Novel 

Laine Roberts 

Kaila Austin - Sims 

Taylor Smith 

Coren Wilsn 

Jaia Yates 

Class of 2014 

I'Keya Bell 

Kynisha Christmas 

Talyah Gibert 

Myrissa Mitchell 

Jordyn Platenburg 

Myrran Riley 

Jourdan Rogers 


Class of 2015 

Kodi Dunn

Chelsi Martin 

Parris Nelson 

Gabrielle Scioneaux 

Dwana Smothers 



Class of 2016 

Kyla Johnson 

Ria Morgan 

Alexis Novel 

Destiny White 

Jai Williams 




Class of 2019 

Brylyia Baptiste 

Carsyn Caldwell 

Kailyn Higgins 

Amiya Thompson 

Reese Wilson 


Class of 2020

Destiny Brown 

Lacey Jackson

Skye Lafayette

Dennaé Pam

Chloé Thomas 

Jordyn Wilson














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