*** Registeration for 2020-2021***


Registration must be completed and paid online. 

Please download fill and complete online. If you are completing via phone or tablet, please download Adobe Acrobat from App/Play Store. The completed registration forms should be emailed to
Registration 2020 Fillable
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**ATTENTION Dance Classes                 during COVID-19**

MDSD parents and students,


Below you will find the return to the class schedule. Presently, we will continue to prepare for the 2020 Anniversary Recital. Due to COVID-19, we have adjusted all dance class schedules. Students must arrive to class in a mask, temperatures will be taken, and students will be separated 6 feet apart. If your child is ill or has a temperature, please keep them home. All students must be picked up on time to allow enough time to disinfect and prepare for the next class.


Please make sure all fees are up to date.

All payments must be paid online until further notice.


The Lilies, Magnolias, and Roses will have classes during the week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Attached is the schedule that will be followed. 


Beautiful Black Ballerina®

     Welcome students and parents to Mademoiselle Dwyn’s School of Dance, one of the world’s elite families of dance. Mademoiselle was established in 1982 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana under the direction of Dwyn Y. Turner and assisted by her sister Wendy Turner. After the completion of their education, returning home, and starting families, they reopened as partners in 1997 in New Orleans. This year is our 22nd year of business in New Orleans and our 20th annual dance recital. At Mademoiselle, the whole child is nurtured with grace and elegance. It is indeed our pleasure to introduce young girls and boys to the wonderful art of dance. 
     The Madames, along with their mother, Gwendolyn Piper Turner, a former baton instructor and cheerleader, are a dynamic combination of dance experience and expertise. The ladies of MDSD have traveled and taken classes from dance legends such as Frank Hachet, Art Stone, Danny Hoctor, Kit Andree, Steven Boyd, Mallory Graham, Steve Sirico, Angela D'Valda Sirico, Aaron Turner, Dolly Kelepecz, Simone Powell, Blake Coheley, and Denise Outstalet. 
     The ladies of MDSD are broad advisors for the Professional Dance Teachers Associations, INC. (PDTA), Dance/USA, National Association of Dance and Affiliated Arts Incorporated, Dance Teacher Web, Dance Teacher University, Las Vegas, (DTU/UNLV), Dance Teacher United (DTU), the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), and 
DELTA ETA PI ΔΗΠ, Dance Honor Society. Madame Dwyn, Madame Wendy, and the MDSD Staff welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year where "We Amour Dance". 

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